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Study on preparation and characterization of microencapsulated astaxanthin by dextrin and lecithin
學生姓名 : 周芷瑩
指導教授 : 張克亮
學  號 : 10432022
學  期 : 105下
摘  要 : Astaxanthin is a strong anti-oxidant, but it becomes unstable in light, high temperature and high oxygen partial pressure. Microencapsulation can protect astaxanthin against deterioration and improve the solubility and stability. In this study, β-cyclodextrin and maltodextrins were used as the coating material, and lecithin as the emulsifier to encapsulate astaxanthin. Spray-dried samples had a better encapsulation efficiency, smaller particles size, and smaller polydispersity index. All groups have good preservationof water activity between 0.2 and 0.5. Chromatographic analysis indicated that β-cyclodextrin coated groups have higher L * value. In storage stability test, the antioxidant capacity of bare astaxanthin (RA) decreased rapidly from 4th day, while the encapsulated groups decreased from 8th day. Furthermore, the content of astaxanthin was higher. But the amount of malondialdehyde (MDA) was higher. In temperature control storage test and light stability test, higher temperature (40℃) and stronger light (1500 lux) increased theoxidation reaction. In conclusion, the use of dextrin for astaxanthin microencapsulation can provide better storage stability.
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